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¿É necesario instalar un sistema de nebulización para o cultivo en invernadoiro?

Tempo: 2022-06-23 Golpea : 17

Os invernadoiros, os viveiros de flores, o cultivo de fungos comestibles e o cultivo de invernadoiros son amplamente utilizados na plantación agrícola moderna. Pero como un invernadoiro é un espazo pechado, os produtores adoitan experimentar problemas coa baixa humidade e as altas temperaturas.
When the relative humidity drops below 30%, the ambient temperature is too high and the humidity is not enough, which will lead to problems such as dehydration and dryness of plants, slow growth, and the spread of vegetable diseases and insect pests during the planting process, resulting in heavy losses.
Experiments in the greenhouse show that the misting system can effectively reduce the temperature of the greenhouse and improve the growing environment of crops. At the same time, it can also resist ultraviolet rays, acid and alkali, and the functions of pests and diseases, as well as automatic cooling, spraying, humidification, defrosting, and fertilization. It saves time, water and labor. In terms of economic benefits, this product has a long life and low cost.
The operation and maintenance cost is low and the design is beautiful and does not affect the use with other facilities.
Features of high pressure misting system:
1. Energy saving: atomizing 1 liter of water per hour only consumes 1.5-7.5 kilowatts of power, which is 1% of the traditional steam humidifier.
One tenth of the air-water hybrid humidifier.
2. Thin fog: The high-pressure micro-mist spray can produce 5 billion droplets per second, and the diameter of the droplets is only 3~10μm, just like the clouds in the mountains, and the cooling effect is excellent.
3. Reliable: The main engine of the high-pressure micro-mist cooling system adopts an industrial imported plunger pump, which can run continuously for a long time.
The sprinkler head and water mist distributor have no power vulnerable parts, and they will not be damaged in high dust environment.
4. High efficiency: The cooling efficiency of the system is extremely high, up to 100% indoors, and even in the air-conditioning box, the efficiency is as high as 90% or more.
5. Hygiene: The water in the high-pressure micro-mist system is sealed and non-circulating, which will not cause the reproduction of bacteria.
The high-pressure spray humidification system is used in large, medium and small agricultural greenhouses, which can create good and fresh air, and the mist droplets evaporate quickly.
So as to achieve multiple functions such as increasing air humidity, reducing ambient temperature and removing dust.
In addition to the functions of cooling, humidifying, and dust removal for greenhouse operations, the system also has multiple functions such as spraying, disinfection, and cleaning.
It can increase the yield of greenhouse crops and is a green product that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.