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Supresión de po

Tempo: 2022-06-23 Golpea : 6

Dust suppression is a cost effective way to reduce dust levels in open plant and recycling areas by 50%.High pressure mist systems produce micron water droplets that attract, suppress andremove fugitive dust particles through the process of agglomeration. The dust particles will drop harmlessly from the air without wetting the area.
With Cozymist misting systems, pressurised water is sprayed as a fine mist through misting nozzles. Fog quickly mixes with the air. Dust particles combine with water droplets, and fall out of the air.
A dusty building clears in moments when Cozymist misting systems starts up. Nozzles can be fitted in the roof for a reduced level of dust throughout the building, or around transfer points and loading areas where dust is often generated.