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Desinfectante e desodorizante

Tempo: 2022-06-23 Golpea : 10

Due to the Coronavirus there has been unprecedented need for efficient, productive, automated turn-key disinfectant misting systems.
Disinfecting and sanitizing environments has become a necessary component for maintaining safe and consistent operations. Just as all disinfectant agents are not the same, different spaces require custom treatments for effective cleaning and decontamination.
Each Cozymist disinfection fog system is designed to meet the needs of the application and the environment. The disinfection systems are highly scalable and can be engineered for small to large spaces with multiple zones. Cozymist integrates to existing facility operations management systems allowing businesses and public entities to disinfect different areas at different times with consistent coverage. We also offer custom control systems to allow for automated delivery with safety, scheduling, staging and zoning requirements.信 图片 _20190730103647

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