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Tempo: 2022-06-23 Golpea : 15

Heat stress is a potential hazard that negatively affects  animals, livestock. Not only does it cause unnecessary suffering and in some cases death, but it also reduces productivity and consequently profitability.
Animals and livestock are happier and more productive when they are comfortable. Misting systems reduce the risk of heat stress and increase productivity.
Climate control for animal housing brings relief and helps keep your animals safe during hot weather. When the temperature soars, protect your animals and livestock with a mist cooling system.
The Cozymist mist system, which can control the temperature of the livestock farm to a specified range, stands out for its many advantages
 - Significant increase in meat, milk and egg production
 - reduce animal stress
 - Dust suppression and Odor control
 - Extends breeding period and growth rate
 - Significant energy savings